LISTEN: Old Dominion Debuts New Single ‘No Such Thing As A Broken Heart’

Old Dominion is about to have a busy year, because the band is back with a brand new single called "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart," and there is a lot more where that came from. The new single is the first from their upcoming new album, which is expected to be released some time this year, and also their first new since they released their 2015 album Meat and Candy.

We caught up with Old Dominion in Nashville, and during an exclusive interview, the guys talked about making the song, its meaning, and what it means to them. The overall message of "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart" is facing life's challenges, no matter who you are, and learn to remain positive -- life life like there's "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart."

On the meaning behind "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart" 

"'No Such Thing As A Broken Heart' is having that moment where everything does kinda weigh down on you, and the world can get you down. And it's that moment where you realize that's all true and happening, but it doesn't have to run your life, and you can put that aside, and live in the moment, and actually still have joy and still have love, and those things are always gonna be there no matter what is happening. That's just what's going to carry you through if you can remind yourself of that every once in a while."

Old Dominion explains that while creating the song, they didn't have a pre-conceived idea, and just started writing, beginning with the first line. From there, they built up the song. " We just started with the first line, 'Wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it' and then that kinda led us to think about what that meant, and things just kept falling out. And before we knew it, we had the song, and we were all excited about it." 

Listen to the track below!