Travis Tritt Says CMA Awards Are Not For Pop Stars Like Beyoncé

Veteran country singer Travis Tritt has once again taken the Country Music Association to task for featuring pop stars at his annual awards show.

“For every artist we bring in, for ‘ratings’ to a CMA Awards show, there is a country music artist who is actually releasing country music, that has devoted their lives to doing country music, and their time is taken away,” Tritt told Rolling Stone.

Last year, after Beyoncé joined the Dixie Chicks on stage, Tritt tweeted: “I want to know when the BET or SoulTrain awards are gonna ask a country artist to perform on their awards show?”

The 53-year-old singer said he can name “a dozen people who devoted their entire lives to being country music artists” who should have had the spotlight Beyoncé got. But, he insisted it’s not personal.

“My beef is not with any of the artists that are invited to come in and play, but it's with the people at the CMA who feel there is a need ‘for ratings’ to bring in outside sources,” said Tritt.

“I think we can stand on our own. The country music awards should be more dedicated to the country music tradition and the country music community.”

Tritt said there are plenty of awards shows where pop stars can shine.

“Let's try our best to keep the country music awards focused on the tradition of country music.”