2 LANCO Members Becoming 1st Time Dads


Now we know what LANCO’s bassist Chandler Baldwin and drummer Tripp Howell have been doing during the lockdown – the "Born to Love You" musicians announced this week their wives are pregnant.

“If the pandemic gave Natalie and me anything, it was more time at home with each other and more time to do things like ... start a family,” Baldwin, 28, told People.

“I guess Tripp and Alli had the same idea we had, because they told us they were pregnant the day before our appointment to confirm our pregnancy.”

Howell, 31, told the magazine he and Alli “could not be more excited about being parents.”

Both couples are expecting their new arrivals – a boy for Howell, a girl for Baldwin – in May.

LANCO released the album Hallelujah Nights in 2018.

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