Boy George Has A Longstanding Beef With Janet Jackson


Boy George is "never gonna be friends" with Janet Jackson.

According to the Culture Club vocalist, he and Miss Janet had an awkward run-in back in the mid-'80s.

"When it comes to me and Janet, let's wait a while," he writes in his new memoir, KarmaMy Autobiography.

"She wasn't friendly and didn't try to be," the singer (real name George O'Dowd) writes. "But I just walked off and got myself into my best 'Boy George' and was walking around backstage to make sure I was seen by everyone."

The two first met during a filming of Solid Gold. He recalls a member of Jackson's entourage asking him to record a message for her. He looked into the camera and said, "Next time you meet someone, be nice."

According to him, he later met Jackson in her dressing room. When she said she hadn't recognized him without his makeup on he replied, "'Are you saying you would have been nice to me if you knew who I was?' We parted on awkward terms."

Another encounter during a Top of the Pops episode, Boy George, remembers, "she looked straight through me."

In a new interview with People, the '80s new romantic was asked about the beef. "When you write a book like this, there’s a chance you’re going to bump into someone that you've written about," he explains. "I have to say what I've written about people is the truth of what happened and how they behaved. So I'm kind of comfortable with that. I'm always someone who's prepared to bury the hatchet because there's always another opportunity to be different."

“At this point, there's certain people I'm never gonna be friends with unless a miracle happens," he adds, "and I guess I put her in that category.”

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