Aaron Carter On Nick Carter: 'He Can Be A Punk Sometimes'

Aaron Carter says his older brother, Backstreet Boys’ star Nick Carter, tried to buy the rights to his single “Fool’s Gold.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Aaron claimed Nick offered him “10 grand, 15 grand” for the track, which Aaron co-wrote with Jon Asher, Melanie Fontana and Taylor Helgeson. It was released in April 2016.

Aaron said he told his brother: “Nick, this is my song. This is like my comeback time so this is for me.”

According to Aaron, the siblings have not spoken since Nick tweeted about Aaron’s DUI arrest in July.

“He started trying to lecture me,” said Aaron. “He’s not my parent, so…”

Aaron admitted his relationship with Nick is competitive and he compared it to those of Luke and Owen Wilson and the Baldwin brothers Alec, Stephen, William and Daniel.

“I do me, he does him,” he said.

Aaron also likened the relationship with his siblings – he also has sisters Angel and B.J. (sister Leslie died in 2012) – to Michael Jackson’s. “I knew Michael very well and he told me a lot of things that I can’t really repeat just because it would be everywhere,” said Aaron.

Asked if he and Nick could reconcile, Aaron replied: “Who knows?

“I love him. But he can be a punk sometimes. But he’s my brother. I will always be in his corner. I will be right there taking the high road with Nick.”