Cheat Codes Talk About Getting Demi Lovato For 'No Promises'

"When we made the song, we actually made a list of vocalists that we love to sing it, and she was number one that list," Cheat Codes' Matthew Russell says of Demi Lovato and their just-released collaboration "No Promises.”

The LA-based electronic music trio (comprised of Russell, Trevor Dahl, and Kevin Ford) and Lovato have been teasing "No Promises" via social media all week, and now, the full song has finally arrived.

Russell explains the group is thrilled to officially share "No Promises" with fans, especially because this is their first time using a female vocalist.

"When we first started as a group, we did everything ourselves. We wrote everything, recorded everything, we sang everything, whether it was my voice, Trevor's vocals, Kevin's vocals, so now that we're getting into collaborations, we really wanted to work with a female vocalist for the very first time,” he explains.

“And the fact that our first time ever doing that is with a huge superstar like Demi Lovato, and she really just took the song and made it her own, and we love that.”

Fans actually played a role in Cheat Codes collaborating with Lovato.

"We played a show with Demi in Brazil at Z Festival, and it was super sick. The crowd was hyped, the fans were amazing, and that was the first we saw her, seeing her perform. We were like, 'Wow, she's so amazing live.' And I remember leaving Brazil, and our fans and her fans just kind of going crazy, and saying 'You guys should collab together, you guys should collab.' And the fact that it's actually happening however many months later is amazing.

“And it's a true testament to how crazy involved her fans are as well, because they really make stuff happen.”

The guys say they’re shooting a video for "No Promises" with Lovato “very soon.”

"There's going to be crazy stuff. Maybe there's going to be sky diving, maybe there's going to be pyrotechnics, maybe there's going to be Shaquille O'Neal ... but no promises."

See what they did there?

Original article by Nicole Mastrogiannis at iHeartRadio