Citizen Four Get Beyoncé Approval For ‘My Name (Say It)’

The guys from rising new boy band Citizen Four have revived the Destiny’s Child hit “Say My Name” and even got the Beyoncé stamp-of-approval for their new single “My Name (Say It).”

Citizen Four is comprised of the talents of Mikey Fusco (managed by Tim Byrne who helped form One Direction with Simon Cowell), Austin Percario, and brothers Carson and Conner Boatman. “We’re like if The Weeknd was a boy band,” Percario told Teen Vogue back in May.

The new single hits the mark, and the boys harmonize beautifully. "I think we all wanted to stay in the R&B world because it’s our favorite type of music — and what’s bigger than that?” bandmate Fusco told Billboard

The band easily got rights to the remake thanks to Rodney Jerkins, the original “Say My Name” producer, who assisted Citizen Four in the creation of the new track. After hearing the new rendition, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Beyoncé also unanimously approved.

"As much I wish I could say that Beyoncé said we have the most outstanding voices she’s ever heard in her life, she did not,” joked Conner, "but we did get the thumbs up. It felt incredible when we found out that all three of them have heard our voices and thought it was good enough to still represent their name.”