Dustin Lynch Opens Up About His Flirting Game

Ladies, if you're hoping to get on Dustin Lynch's dating radar, the last place you should go is to a bar.

Although he's one of country's most eligible bachelors, Lynch is admittedly awkward in the dating field. The only time he feels 100 per cent confident in his flirting abilities is when he's on stage.

“I have zero game in real life cuz I’ve never been the guy in the crowd at a bar, really, that’s approached anybody because I’ve always been on stage," he explained. "Ever since I moved to Nashville, I’ve been performing. I’ve not been the guy trying to hit on girls in the crowd.

"That’s like my crutch, I guess, is being on stage. I don’t know how to…. I don’t know how else to do it.”

Lynch is on the road with Florida Georgia Line for the next couple months, so he'll have plenty of time to practice his flirting skills.

His new single "Small Town Boy" is out now.

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