Evanescence Release New Album 'Synthesis'

Symphonic rock band Evanescence have released their fourth studio album Synthesis on Friday which features orchestral versions of earlier material and two new tracks. 

“These songs all have a life beyond the initial studio recordings, so it was really satisfying to go back and sing them as a 35-year-old as opposed to a 20-year-old (some of them)," vocalist Amy Lee said (via Loudwire). "To be able to incorporate some of those elements that have developed over years of playing them live, and to show ways I've grown as well was a beautiful opportunity. I had to not only make each these new versions better in some way, but also preserve the core of what made the initial performance so great. I really challenged myself.”

Lee goes on to talk about the album's two new track, "“Hi-Lo,” and the closing track, "Imperfection." 

“’Imperfection’ is the most important song on the album for me. The song had to fit into our body of work, but at the same time, be a classic in its own right," Lee explains. "When the lyrics started pouring out of me, I realized it was speaking to all those people we’ve been losing through depression and suicide. I sang it from the perspective of the person left behind. It’s a plea to fight for your life, and that we all need each other as humans.”

Watch the music video for "Imperfection" below:

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