Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis Debuts 'What It Is'

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has released the first track from his upcoming solo album, along with a music video, entitled "What It Is."

Davis has been working on the album since 2008 and this is the first glimpse of how his first solo outing will differ from his original work with Korn. The rock singer's haunting vocals meld perfectly with the melancholy piano on the track which will be featured on the soundtrack to a new film called American Satan, to premiere on Jan. 26.

Davis has been carefully crafting the album and contributed guitar, keys, and other instruments to the album. The tracks were mostly recorded live, a big departure from Korn's usual recording method.

"It took 10 years, and I'm so glad this project is finally out. It is something that is very close to me and I'm excited for the world to finally hear it," Davis said in a comment. "This time, I'm pulling something out of the audience. I've bared my soul for so f***ing long, I thought it'd be really cool to pull listeners in a different direction for once.

"I'm taking them out of that dark place and into somewhere that's spiritual, positive, and makes them really think. It's just art. I've changed lives with Korn, but I wanted to open minds with this s**t."

Although there is no official date yet, Davis' solo album will be released later this year.

Watch the video for "What It Is" below:

Original article by Sam Valorose at iHeartRadio