Luke Combs Releasing Deluxe Edition Of Debut Album

Luke Combs announced Monday on Facebook Live that he is releasing a deluxe edition of his debut album.

This One's For You Too, set to come out on June 1, will include five new songs – “Houston, We Got a Problem,” “Must’ve Never Met You,” “Beautiful Crazy,” “A Long Way,” and “She Got the Best of Me.”

Combs explained: “The idea behind the deluxe album was to give fans the songs they had heard, and been asking for. We want to serve you guys (the fans), and give you what you want.”

If you've been to one of Combs live shows recently, there is a good chance that you've heard a few of these new songs. He's been caught playing then in pre-show parties, and including a few of them during his main setlist.

"She Got the Best of Me" is a song that was originally recorded on his Can I Get an Outlaw EP, but was never mastered and didn't make it on the debut album.

Pre-orders bundles with autographed items are now available on his website.

Watch the full announcement below:

Original article by Zack Massey at iHeartRadio