Saveria Gets 'Down To The Roots' On 'The Launch'

Saveria from London, Ont. was chosen on Wednesday’s episode of The Launch to release the blues-rock song “Down to the Roots.”

“I’m just so happy right now,” said an emotional Saveria after getting the news from Scott Borchettam Marie-Mai and guest mentor Max Kerman of Arkells.

The 21-year-old singer – who auditioned with a slowed-down version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – and Vancouver duo Old.Soul.Rebel were picked from five acts to record a version of the song penned by ex-Philosopher Kings member Jon Levine, who has worked with artists like Bebe Rexha and Selena Gomez.

“From a really young age, my thing was singing,” Saveria said during the episode. "It was around eight years old when I first discovered my voice.”

Behind the mic, Saveria seemed to suffer from what Borchetta called confidence issues and both he and Levine demanded more “grit” from her. By the time she was done, Borchetta could barely contain his excitement and compared her to Christina Aguilera.

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Saveria admitted: “Scott and Jon pushed me past my limit. They brought that out of me. I’m really lucky.”

Born Saveria D’Ippolito near Ottawa, she moved to London, Ont. when she was a child. A natural performer, she joined the Original Kids Theatre Company – which counts actress Rachel McAdams among its alumni – and was then cast in Mini Pop Kids.

Saveria and John Fellner formed Daytrip, which released the EP Sleep Through the Madness last year.

“Down to the Roots” is now available wherever you get music.

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