Adele Answers Questions, Previews 'Easy On Me'


Adele sent fans into a frenzy on Saturday when she jumped on Instagram Live while killing time before a scheduled interview.

Admitting she’s “never done this before,” the singer answered questions and previewed her highly anticipated single “Easy On Me,” which drops on Friday.

Adele showed some love to a pair of Canadian artists. She revealed that her favourite album of the year so far is Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and, when asked if she likes Avril Lavigne, gushed: “You know what? I do like Avril Lavigne. That, um… her first record, I listen to all the time. I think it’s such a great record.”

The singer also had love for other female artists:

- “Of course I support #FreeBritney. I love Britney. Met her a couple of times. I absolutely adore her. Really happy for her.”

- “Yes, I’m excited for Beyonce’s next album. Are you mad?”

- “I love Gaga!”

- "I love Taylor Swift. I love Doja Cat as well."

Adele also shared some insight into how she has spent her lockdown (“my favourite thing to do during this lockdown was drink wine, obviously”) and what is currently giving her joy (her two new puppies and planning her son’s “small and outdoors” birthday party).

The superstar gave fans some insight into her food habits, naming Thai food as her favourite but showing a lot of love for chicken (Nando’s, chicken korma and sweet and sour chicken). She said she loves to read, enjoys an Aperol Spritz at brunch, prefers Titanic and Scarface to Marvel flicks and is currently watching Ted Lasso.

Asked about her mental health, Adele said it is "very good at the moment. I take it day by day and I just address whatever comes my way. Definitely helps me feel better if I take my time with it."

One question that left Adele stumped – or pretending to be – was about her “body count” (slang for how many sexual partners she’s had). She replied: “What’s my body count? What does that mean?”

Promising her new album will be out soon, Adele said she is “excited to get it out into the world at last” but declined to reveal the name of her favourite track because “you don’t have the track list yet.”

Check out a snippet of "Easy On Me" below:

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