Cardi B Throws Mic After Getting Hit With Drink


If you're going to throw a drink at Cardi B, she's gonna throw her mic at you. That is what one fan learned this weekend.

While Cardi was performing at Drai's Beaechclub in Las Vegas on Saturday, one person in the audience threw a drink at the rapper during her song "Bodak Yellow." But Cardi wasn't having it. She immediately responded by throwing her microphone at the assailant, who was quickly removed by security. 

The incident, however, isn't as clear cut as it seems. Video footage reveals that Cardi actually asked fans to "splash" her. According to The Source, the fan interpreted it wrong though. In a new video you can hear Cardi say, “I said splash my pu**y, not my face b**ch.”

Cardi had a rough weekend in Vegas. The night before she performed in a club and threw her mic (yet again!) at the DJ, when he cut her off during "I Like It." According to sources, the DJ repeatedly cut her songs off before she finished them during the set.

Update: According to TMZ, Cardi B is currently under investigation for battery. The woman struck by the flying microphone is said to have reported the incident to the Las Vegas Metro Police. 

See it all unfold below.


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