Chris Martin Reflects On Doing Mushrooms


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has opened up about his experience with psychedelics.

During an appearance on the You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes podcast, the singer reflected on doing mushrooms in 2014, following his split from Gwyneth Paltrow.

“It was really wonderful. It was wonderful,” said Martin. “I loved it … It sort of confirmed my suspicions about the universe.”

Martin said he did ‘shrooms with some friends in a “beautiful place” outdoors.

“I was with my girlfriend at the time and we were on a rock in a stream and I didn’t want to leave,” he recalled. “My best friend Phil came to say ‘that’s great but we should probably go back.’”

Martin said it was his one and only time on psychedelics.

“I felt like, after I did mushrooms once, ok that’s really the confirmation I needed of how I feel about the universe, so I don’t need to do that again,” he said, “but I think, for other people, it’s just amazing what it does.”

He explained: “I don’t do so well on drugs and alcohol. It messes with the music. Some people, it enhances it and for me, it doesn’t.”

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