Dad Of Canadian Dancer Paralyzed After Being Crushed By Falling Screen Shares Update


The father of the Canadian dancer left paralyzed after he was crushed by a video screen that fell to the stage during a concert in July gave an update this week on his son’s condition.

Rev. Derek Li, a former senior pastor at Toronto’s Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church, and his wife left Canada after the horrific accident to be with their son Moses Li Kai-yin.

The dancer was on stage with boy band MIRROR when he was struck by a 500-kilogram screen that crashed to the stage. He was rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgeries for a cerebral hemorrhage and fractured cervical vertebrae.

He was later transferred to another hospital, where he remains paralyzed from the neck down.


Li said Kai-yin’s cervical collar was removed last week – two weeks ahead of schedule – which has opened up his field of vision and allows him to look out the window after 10 weeks of only being able to look up at the ceiling.

He said swelling of the cervical spinal nerves “continue to show signs of subsidence” and that some muscles in his son’s arms “show a slight awakening.”

In an earlier update, Li said his son can only eat blended vegetables, minced meat and porridge.

This week, he said that because Kai-yin’s swallowing reflex nerves are not fully recovered, “Moses unconsciously swallows water and liquids from his vocal cords to his lungs, causing him aspiration pneumonia and mild fever.”

Li said there is a cautious optimism that doctors can remove the tracheotomy tube next week.

To mark Kai-yin’s 28th birthday on Oct. 12, fans purchased billboards in Hong Kong with a message of support. Li said he and his wife recorded video to show their son.

“Moses saw his birthday billboards … and how the public from all walks of life made a strong connection to his upbringing and love in his life,” he said.

Moses Li Kai-yin with his parents, pictured in October 2021. Instagram / mom.lky

Last month, Li said doctors have told him there is a 95 percent chance Kai-yin’s vertebrae and sensory nerves will never fully recover. He said every time he and his wife stand beside their son’s hospital bed, “the bitterness in our hearts is indescribable.”

Last week, the company behind MIRROR said it can not make details of its investigation of the accident at the Hong Kong Coliseum public while an official government investigation is underway.

“The company understands that the public wants to learn more … so after the results of the investigation are announced, we will provide more details to the public without prejudice to any legal process,” read a statement.

It added that the general contractor for the concert has staged more than 600 concerts in the past 30 years, including nearly half of those held at the Coliseum.

“In these two months, the physical and mental health of MIRROR members is one of our most important tasks and responsibilities,” read the statement. “This incident has dealt a heavy blow to the entire team of the company and MIRROR, especially seeing the trouble caused by the incident to MIRROR fans and the general public, our apology and sadness are beyond words.”