Elton John On Equality: 'We Can't Let The Clock Turn Backwards'


Elton John shared an important message while accepting the Impact Award during Tuesday’s iHeartRadio Can’t Cancel Pride special.

“I’ve seen much positive change in my 75 years as a gay man but we clearly have a way to go before everyone in the world is accepted for who they are and who they love,” said John, who is currently on tour in Europe, in a pre-taped clip. "We can’t let the clock turn backwards. We can’t let fear rule us. And we must fight to be ourselves.”

John, who married to Toronto native David Furnish in 2014 after more than two decades together, offered the same advice he said he gave their sons Zachary, 11, and Elijah, 9.

“Be yourself, push the envelope and ruffle feathers where you need to – I do love feathers – and remember that what unites is far greater than what divides us,” he said. “Take care of one another and try to be part of something bigger than yourself. And never forget that love makes the world go around.”

John’s comments came after Lizzo paid tribute in a pre-taped segment in which she sang part of his 1970 classic “Your Song.”

Lizzo said John is “an icon and legend” for more than his music. She praised him for “living authentically as your true self, especially during the time when living as your true self wasn’t always celebrated, when it was dangerous, when people told you not to.

“You still showed up for yourself and showed the world who you are – and that’s f**king bad a**. We’re honouring you with this award because bitch, you deserve it!”

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