Former Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Dead At 46


Joey Jordison, former Slipknot drummer and a founding member of the band, has died Monday. He was 46.

A cause of death was not immediately disclosed but, according to a statement from his family, Jordison died in his sleep.

In 2016, Jordison revealed he had a neurological condition called transverse myelitis that temporarily cost him the use of his legs and the ability to play the drums.

Slipknot, as well as its members Corey Taylor, Jim Root and Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan, reacted to Jordison's death by posting solid black tiles on social media.

"Joey's influence on a generation of metal drummers is incalculable, and his style behind the kit will be admired and emulated for years to come," read a tweet from ProMark Drumsticks.

"To call him an inspiration would be an understatement," tweeted Trivium drummer Alex Bent. "Countless hours studying every move behind the kit. I owe so much to Joey Jordison and could never imagine being where I am today without his influence."

Metal drummer Mike Portnoy said he was “absolutely shocked & gutted” by the news. “In addition to being an incredible drummer, he was always a classy guy,” he tweeted. “F**k, this one really hurts…”

Jordison joined Slipknot in 1995 and played on a pair of demo albums and the band’s first four studio albums and co-produced the 2005 release 9.0: Live.

In December 2013, Slipknot announced it was “parting ways” with Jordison “for personal reasons.” He later claimed he was fired from the band.

Jordison focused on his side project Scar the Martyr, which had just released its debut album. The band split up in 2016. More recently, Jordison played in the band Sinsaenum.

Jordison filled in for Lars Ulrich at a 2004 performance by Metallica and toured with Ministry, Korn and Rob Zombie.

"S**t," read a tweet on the Papa Roach account. "RIP to the brother Joey Jordison. Love you brother."

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