Grimes Blames BloodPop Rivalry For Not Being On 'Dawn Of Chromatica'


Canadian singer Grimes said Tuesday that she was left off Lady Gaga’s forthcoming remix album Dawn of Chromatica due to a “sibling rivalry” with music producer BloodPop.

Grimes, 33, was not among the featured artists on the track listing that was revealed Monday even though she told fans in July that she was going to be part of the project.

When a fan asked on Twitter why she did not end up part of the collection, Grimes replied: “@bloodpop and I have sibling rivalry issues and our immaturity lead to the song not being completed - also he’s mad at me for taping a picture of myself above his bed and when he removed the picture the tape ripped off the paint. He shud have left it.”

BloodPop, 31, countered: “Not completed as in not started - she was too busy making Tik toks about the silence of mimes??? Very weird IMO - also it actually left serious dry wall damage as she used [duct] tape.”

Grimes wasn’t about to let it go. “Dude I will literally re paint ur wall frankly I’m insulted u didn’t want to see my amazing face every day also u never sent me the track to start ! U just said scream in mic and send with no music behind - that makes no sense !”

Grimes explained that she taped a photo of herself above BloodPop’s bed as “a reminder to you to try harder in life so U can be more like me, your dear friend and mentor.”

She added: “Also the mimes need a voice, and i am that voice.”

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, and BloodPop, whose was born Michael Tucker, are not, in fact, siblings. But, BloodPop lived in Grimes’ hometown of Vancouver in the early 2000s to study video editing and produce music.

The pair collaborated on her 2014 track “Go” and he remixed the Grimes and Hana track “We Appreciate Power” in 2019.

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