Hedley Vows To 'Take Responsibility'


Hedley said Monday they are prepared to “take responsibility, and talk about how we have let some people down, and what we intend to do about it.”

The B.C. band has been under fire since allegations of sexual misconduct popped up on social media earlier this month.

Hedley was dropped as performers on the Juno Awards and dumped from radio station playlists across the country. Neon Dreams and Shawn Hook dropped out of Hedley’s Cageless tour.

In a statement, Hedley – Jacob Hoggard, Dave Rosin, Tommy Mac and Jay Benison – said they are giving up their three nominations at the Junos. 

“As a band, we have decided to withdraw our name from consideration for any awards at the JUNOs,” it read. “We do not wish to be a distraction at Canadian music's biggest night or to, in any way, take the focus away from the tremendous honour that is the JUNO awards.”

The members of Hedley said they are not going to pull the plug on their cross-Canada tour. “The easy thing to do would be to cancel the tour and hide. We don't intend to do that,” they vowed. “We intend to start making positive changes, starting right now.”

In a Facebook post last week, Hedley called the allegations “unsubstantiated” and said “there are at least two sides to every story.” Admitting they previously “engaged in a lifestyle that incorporated certain rock and roll clichés” they insisted “there was always a line that we would never cross.”

But, in the new statement, Hedley conceded: “Saying a rock'n'roll lifestyle was to blame - or saying certain things happened because we were younger - isn't good enough. We owe it to our families, our crew, our friends - and most of all, our fans - to do and be better.”