Justin Timberlake Reflects On Dodging Bottles Of Pee In Toronto


Justin Timberlake admitted last week he still has “a lot of trauma” from performing at the massive Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto benefit concert in 2003.

The pop star was enlisted to open the evening portion of the event – which was organized to help the city recover from the economic damage caused by the SARS outbreak – ahead of The Guess Who, Rush, AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.

Many in the huge crowd were not thrilled about seeing the former NSYNC singer on stage.

“You would think, I mean, Canadians are historically a peaceful people,” Timberlake said during an appearance on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show.

“It was a bit of a blur, but I just remember saying to the band before we went on stage, 'I don't think this is going to go well.’ But little did I know… I had no idea how bad it was going to go.”

Timberlake said he was pelted with bottles of urine.

The singer managed to dodge the projectiles, even while seated behind a keyboard to sing his single “Señorita.”

Timberlake recalled: “After that song either one of two things happened: Either they ran out of nerve, because they knew I was going to stay there, or they ran out of urine.”

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