New York University Launches Taylor Swift Course


New York University’s Clive Davis Institute is offering a course on Taylor Swift.

“This course proposes to deconstruct both the appeal and aversions to Taylor Swift through close readings of her music and public discourse as it relates to her own growth as an artist and a celebrity,” reads a description of the course, which began Jan. 26 and runs until March 9.

“Through readings, lectures and more, the class delves into analyses of the culture and politics of teen girlhood in pop music, fandom, media studies, whiteness and power as it relates to her image and the images of those who have both preceded and succeeded her. We’ll also consider topics like copyright and ownership, American nationalism and the ongoing impact of social media on the pop music industry.”

The Swift class is being taught by music journalist Brittany Spanos, who tweeted Wednesday that “my students already rule and I am very excited for the rest of the class.”

She added: “For all those waiting on updates on how the taylor class is going, i played dear john more than once and went on a too long tangent about gaga’s 2009 vma performance (i promise i had a point).”

Swift has been invited to speak to the class.

Last September, Toronto’s Ryerson University (currently known as X University while it awaits a new name) announced it was offering a course on hometown music stars Drake and The Weeknd.

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