Shania Twain Reflects On Dinner With Oprah That Turned 'Sour'


Shania Twain said a dinner out with Oprah Winfrey quickly “went sour” when the subject of religion came up.

During an appearance on the Table Manners podcast, Twain was asked about her most memorable dinners in the 1990s and named Winfrey.

“She is just such a smart lady and it's just great to sit and have real talks,” she said. “But as soon as we started talking about religion, it all went sour.

“So I said, let's stop talking about religion.”

Twain, who described Winfrey as “quite religious,” said she is more spiritual than religious so the two were not going to find common ground.

“You know how everyone always says, ‘Never talk about politics or religion.’ It just wasn't debatable,” she recalled. “There was no room for debate. And I like to debate. Canadians like to debate everything.

“So I'm like, ok, I'm going to change the subject.”

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