Travis Barker's $182 Enema Kit Quickly Sells Out


Travis Barker’s collectible enema kit sold out within hours of becoming available Tuesday.

The blink-182 drummer partnered with Liquid Death on the Enema of the State kit – named for the band’s 1999 album – which was aptly priced at $182 U.S.

“What’s my secret? How did I marry the woman of my dreams? How have I had such a successful career in music? I use Liquid Death mountain water… in my a*****e,” Barker says in a promotional video. “Thanks to my new signature Enema of the State collectible enema kit, I’ve been able to turn my dreams into reality and now you can too … It’ll be our secret.”

The kit included a 19.2-ounce can of Liquid Death water signed by Barker and a branded enema bulb.

A disclaimer on the website cautions that the kit is “a limited-edition collectible adult art piece and not intended for use as a real medical device. Enema of the State should never be placed in or near your butthole without consulting a doctor first. Also, you should not place it in or near your friend’s butthole without consulting them or their doctor first either.”

Enema of the State, blink-182’s third studio album, included the hits “What’s My Age Again?” and “All the Small Things.”

The band is set to play Toronto and Montreal in May followed by Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary in June.

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