Was Post Malone Cursed By 'Haunted' Box?


Did Post Malone set off a series of unfortunate events by coming into contact with what has been described as the most haunted object in the world?

Video has surfaced of the rap star with Zak Bagans of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures in a room containing the “dybbuk” box that inspired 2012’s made-in-Canada thriller The Possession.

Bagans reportedly acquired the box, which is on display at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

TMZ on Sunday posted video from June in which Bagans is touching the box while Malone is touching his shoulder. The two men then run out of the room.

Cue the bad luck.

On Aug. 21, Malone was on a private jet that was forced to make an emergency landing after it lost two tires after takeoff.

Then, on Sept. 1, three armed thugs invaded a California home that once belonged to Malone, stealing thousands of dollars in items and reportedly asking: “Where’s Post Malone?!”

Malone was a passenger in a Rolls-Royce on Sept. 7 that was struck by a Kia. He was not injured.

According to TMZ, Bagans believes Malone’s contact with the dybbuk box triggered a curse.

Perhaps the rapper was shopping for an exorcist when he popped into Montreal last week on business.