What Happened To The Weeknd Last Weekend?


The Weeknd was a no-show at Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, where he was scheduled to be one of three Canadian performers.

The Toronto singer bailed for a simple reason, according to TMZ.

“He just didn’t feel like it,” the website claimed.

“He booked the gig a while ago, before concert fatigue set in, and he just felt differently in the days before the show.”

The Weeknd was billed as a VMAs performer (along with fellow Canadians Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara), and he was up for five awards — none of which he won.

The Weeknd has been on his Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour since February. He’s had August off (except for an Osheaga appearance in Montreal on Aug. 6) and will resume the tour on Sept. 6. It wraps up in mid-December.

On the Friday night before the VMAs, the superstar was set to do a private show in L.A. for Grey Goose vodka but guests who showed up were told the gig was being scrapped. According to the New York Post, organizers failed to secure necessary permits and the fire marshal shut the party down.

A statement from Grey Goose cited “unforeseen production issues” and said “Grey Goose and The Weeknd will be back together soon — bigger and better!”