Why August 24th Matters In Rock History


It’s August 24th and here are some reasons why this day matters in rock history:

- In 1968, The Jeff Beck Group, featuring Rod Stewart on vocals and Ronnie Wood on guitar, released their debut album, Truth.

- In 1979, half a million fans came out to New York’s Central Park to see the The Cars perform a free show.

- In 1981, Mark David Chapman was sentenced to 20-years-to-life in prison for the murder of John Lennon.

- In 1994, drummer Dave Abruzzese was fired from Pearl Jam over political differences.

- In 1985, Huey Lewis and The News had their first No. 1 song with “The Power of Love,” which was featured in the hit film Back to the Future. The song spent two weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100.

- In 1999, bassist Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan left Oasis.

- And in 1990, a judge in Reno, Nevada cleared Judas Priest in a $6.2-million U.S. civil suit that accused them of putting subliminal suggestions into their music, causing two youths to attempt to kill themselves.

And that’s what happened today in rock history.

Original article by Dave Basner at iHeartRadio