Why Don't We's Jack Avery: Fans Should Not Be 'Out To Get Us'


Some fans of Why Don’t We are upset after one of the band’s members suggested they should only be “in it” for the music.

During a Q&A last week to promote the just-released album, The Good Times and The Bad Ones, the group was asked what they wish their fans didn’t do.

“I have something I wish fans didn’t do,” replied Jack Avery. “I wish they didn’t scroll 10 years down our Twitter and try to find something to make something huge. It’s like, if you’re a fan, you should just be in it for the music, not out to get us.”

As fans reacted on social media, Avery tweeted that they “may have misunderstood” his response.

“I love making great music, performing for you which, hopefully, we will be able to do very soon, and you guys for making all of that possible,” he wrote. “There are times, though, that living under a social media microscope for childhood indiscretions which do not represent the adult I am and the people we have become can be frustrating.

“I would like to think that all of you would feel the same as I do since we are human beings living the best lives we can. Again, thanks for always being there for us as we will try to be there for you.”

Bandmate Zach Herron weighed in on Twitter. “We had a 10 hour work day the day of that interview and we were all delirious,” he explained. “Coming from us, as humans it’s hard to see stuff from the past resurface. Our lives are being watched 24/7 so it can be hard sometimes seeing our mistakes being brought up, but ultimately we understand that we should be held accountable and you only want the best for us, so we thank you so much for doing that.”

Why Don’t We members have been called out for using racist and homophobic slurs on social media when they were younger.

Last year, Daniel Seavey publicly apologized after taking heat for using the word “retarded” on social media.

“I noticed that I have said an extremely offensive slur and I should have taken the time to educate myself on why it’s not okay for me to say it,” he wrote. “I deeply apologize to every single person I hurt with what I said.

“7 years ago this word was looked at very differently by the world and sadly I was part of that. I meant absolutely no harm to anyone. I am deeply sorry for saying the r slur. I’ve grown and changed as an individual since then.”

Not all fans are happy with the explanation from Avery, though.

“I dont think you understand why we are mad,” one tweeted.

Another fan shared: “jack i love you with my whole heart but that wasn’t an apology. what you said hurt a lot of people. we’re here for you and the boys, not just the music, we’re not just numbers or streams.”

One wrote: “It literally just f**king hurt. you basically said we were just numbers to you and that wasn’t okay , we aren’t canceling y’all we are holding you accountable for what was said even tho it was in the past it still hurts many of us. thank you for speaking up now but it still hurt.”

One fan tweeted: “So what he’s saying is that we shouldn’t try to form bonds with them all because of things THEY said....? kinda hurts, ngl.”

For some fans, Avery’s attempt to clarify his response only made things worse. “No, this was on you jack. you worded it wrong, we took it like you said it,” one tweeted. “i get that social media sucks but you still have to apologize for the mistakes you’ve made or how do we know you really changed? apologies are an important message we are taught quite young.”

Another tweeted: "kindly f**k off. we weren’t ‘out to get you’ & we made that so clear, we just wanted y’all to right your wrongs & apologize. we didn’t do it to create drama & it’s unfortunate it resurfaced but it could’ve been prevented if it wasn’t tweeted from the jump.”

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