Apex Legends Teams Up With Post Malone For It's "Biggest" Event

PostMalone Apex

Post Malone is a well-known, avid gamer and his highly-publicized game of choice is Apex Legends. Last year he raised almost $200k for charity with some "Gaming for Love" live streams on Twitch. So it only makes sense that he has teamed up for a partnership with the makers of the best-selling battle royale game.

Beginning November 7, Posty will join the game for the “biggest partnership in Apex Legends history,” according to a press release. "We’re squadding up with Post Malone to unleash two weeks of beautiful mayhem."

Some of the new features include a brand new Limited Time Mode - Three Strikes, which allows players to have three chances to be revived after being eliminated by enemies. Three Strikes will offer Apex Legends a 1.5 multiplier on experience points between November 17 and November 19. 

There will also be “Iconic” tier cosmetics (skins, stickers, and bundles) created in partnership with Post Malone that were inspired by his love of The Games for some of his favourite Legends including Octane, Wraith, Horizon, and Lifeline.

There will also be a new form of in-game currency called Camo Credits, which are earnable in daily challenges throughout the Post Malone event to unlock event cosmetics. The Camo Credits can be spent on Battlepass Stars and Sweepstakes Tokens, but will expire at the end of the event.

More information about the event can be found here.

Watch the Post Malone-starring trailer below.


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