Down With Webster Resurfaces With 'Love Is Not Enough'


Canadian band Down With Webster dropped a surprise on fans Friday – a song titled “Love Is Not Enough.”

“In 2015 we spent a year recording a DWW album,” read a message on Instagram. “It didn't feel right to release it at the time, but listening recently, it has made us happy, and we hope that by sharing it, it will do the same for you.”

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Formed in 1998, Down With Webster released four studio albums between 2007 and 2014 and earned six Juno nominations. They announced a hiatus in a Facebook post in June 2017. Pat Gillett and bandmates Tyler Armes, Camm Hunter and Marty Martino went on to form Honors.

In an update on his life that he shared in March, Gillett said: “I love all my band mates past and present and wish them all the success in the world. Who knows? If the stars align maybe there will be a DWW reunion and I believe we may have a few more Honors tracks in the vault. But right now they have to follow their creativity and I mine.”