Jason Derulo Denies 'Completely False And Hurtful' Claims

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Jason Derulo denies all allegations made against him by Emaza Gibson.

Yesterday, news broke that the singer was being sued by Gibson, who alleges Derulo signed her to a record deal then terminated it after she refused his sexual advances.

Today Derulo posted a video on Instagram, refuting Gibson's sexual harassment lawsuit, calling her claims "completely false and hurtful."

"I wouldn’t normally comment but these claims are completely false and hurtful," he says. "I stand against all forms of harassment and I remain supportive of anybody following their dreams. I’ve always strived to live my life in a positively impactful way, and that’s why I sit here before you deeply offended, by these defamatory claims. God bless."

Gibson accuses Derulo of frequently booking late-night studio sessions in which he would make repeated sexual advances and pressure her to drink and take drugs, calling it an "explicit demand for sex-in-exchange-for-success." This included partaking in what he called "goat skin and fish scales," a supposed sex ritual involving cocaine and sacrificing goats.

Watch his statement below.



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