Ozzy Osbourne Says He's Singing 'Better Than Ever'


Ozzy Osbourne's current No More Tours 2 farewell tour is so-named as a reference to his first retirement tour in 1992, however the rocker says he's having the time of his life now more than ever and will most likely continue.

"The band is great and I'm singing better than ever," Osbourne told Blabbermouth. "It's great to be back with Zakk [Wylde, guitar]. Tommy [Clufetos], the drummer, is great. [Bassist, Rob] Blasko is always great. There's no excess trouble. No drama...there are no arguments. We just get up, do our gig and have fun. Nobody gets loaded anymore. When you get to the party days in the '80s, it was like Caligula on the road." 

Since announcing No More Tours 2 Osbourne has maintained the sentiment of his 1995 Retirement Sucks tour, that he's not retiring. 

"I'm just not doing world tours anymore," he added. "I'm still doing gigs. I'm still going to do shows, just no more world tours. They'll say, 'You said you were going to retire on the No More Tours tour 25 years ago,' I'm not retiring!"

The Black Sabath frontman added that no one is more surprised about his continued endurance than himself.

"I have to hand it to a power greater than myself," he said. "It's a higher power. I'm not religious. There's something out there that helps get me through. It's too much for me to own it all."

Over the many interviews he's done surrounding No More Tours 2, Osbourne has never suggested that he's burnt out from music; he simply needs to be around more for his family.

Osbourne and his wife/manager Sharon Osbourne now have eight grandchildren.   

No More Tours 2 will keep Osbourne busy through 2020. 

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio