Diplo Recalls Being Warned Not To Work With Justin Bieber


Diplo has revealed that he was cautioned about collaborating with Justin Bieber.

In an interview with ES Magazine, the DJ said he people warned him: “This is going to end your career.”

Diplo and his Jack Ü partner Skrillex teamed up with the Canadian pop star for 2015’s “Where Are Ü Now,” which went on to be named Best Dance Recording at the Grammys.

“At one point Justin was one of the most unpopular artists,” Diplo recalled. “But we thought, the music’s going to cut through all of this, if we make something crazy and loud. And that’s what we did.”

Diplo shared Bieber’s reaction to performing the song in Las Vegas. “He was like, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen people my age enjoying themselves.’

“That’s what it is with pop music: at some point you have to grow into your own demographic. A lot of artists don’t make it.”

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Diplo also opened up to ES Magazine about mental health.

“Anyone who’s creative, who really is in touch with their creative side, is always going to be in touch with depression,” he said. "Mostly I’m making music and I’m thinking about business, and that drowns out the emotion. But sometimes… the emotion takes over and I have to deal with that just like anyone else.”

The hitmaker said he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger, and, “I probably had other things.”

Diplo shared his personal method of managing his mental health.

“The really good feelings? You’ve got to suppress them sometimes. The high you get, it’s just like taking Ecstasy. The next day is the worst,” he explained. “You have to always balance that: suppress the great feelings because it will make the lows not have such an aggressive touch on your life.

“That’s not good advice for everybody, and I know enough adult people, friends of mine, who’ve been suicidal and have committed suicide. I see that it’s so common.”