Online data reveals most hated rock bands of all time


Ever wonder what the worst rock band of all time is? As easy as it is to hate on the standards, Best Life compiled data to come up with a statistics-based list of the 21 most hated rock bands.

To do so, the online publication supposedly sifted through legions of articles and message boards as well as online lists from LA Weekly, Vice, Ultimate Guitar, and Ranker. They claim they then gave bands a number value which they ran through an algorithm that they developed.

Here are the results:

21.  Linkin Park

20.  Spin Doctors

19.  Nirvana

18.  Rush

17.  Pearl Jam

16.  Oasis

15.  Korn

14.  Metallica

13.  The Doors

12.  Green Day

11.  Coldplay

10.  Dave Matthews Band

9.  KISS

8.  Radiohead

7.  Phish

6.  Bob Dylan

5.  Mumford & Sons

4.  U2

3.  Creed

2.  Limp Bizkit

1.  Nickelback

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