Metallica In Search Of 'Superfans' For New Documentary


Metallica is looking for "superfans" to be a part of an upcoming documentary.

The band have put out a casting call in search of "big personalities, unique characters and unexpected stories from Metallica fans who consider Metallica to be their favorite band, real 'Fifth Member' types. All stories and walks of life are welcome and encouraged to reach out."

An online form has been launched, allowing fans to demonstrate their insane levels of fandom. Some of the questions go deep and ask fans to get creative.

What's the wildest thing you've ever done while listening to Metallica? ​

They also ask for fans to send a photo and videos expressing why they should be invited to be a part of the doc.

Adds the band, "We're looking for the broadest range of different kinds of fans for this. We want to show the vast influence Metallica has had on the world! Would you please list any other fans you know who live and breathe Metallica, if you think they would like to be a part of this of course!"

No additional information about the documentary was shared, but we can only assume it has something to do with their recently released, 11th studio album, 72 Seasons.

If you think you're enough of a superfan, click here to fill out the form.



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